Ellza Coyle | Artist Bio

Ellza Coyle finds her way into her work through an inner directive. Skillfully working in three mediums—stone, fiber, and clay—Ellza allows each piece to inform her process of creation. Inspired by her time spent in nature, thought-provoking conversations, and gathering a full spectrum of life experience, Ellza meets her work as an invitation to initiate a conversation between artist and the vast intelligence found in the unseen realm. Once she finds the entry point, the resulting dialogue guides her unfolding creative journey.

In 2012, Ellza purchased a building in Paonia, Colorado that was converted into a studio and living space. Studio Black Rose was born, and is where she can be found weaving, carving stone, and creating with micaceous clay.

Artist's Statement

Ellza Coyle on River Float.

Gathering together a collection of my works representing my direct engagement with stone, fiber and clay has brought me joy.

My creative pursuits invite me to use inspirations from nature, soulful conversations and playful curiosity to create works that viscerally connect with experiences of life. I may hold some of these inspirations for years before giving them a form.

Often, I go thru a myriad of emotions when finding expression through the making of a piece that binds not only my spirit, mind and body yet also requires my attention to the materials dialoguing with me. I find completion with a piece when I get an overall feeling of a calming knowingness that “it is done”.


“No longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from. Fill your life with love and bravery, and you shall lead a life uncommon.”
— Jewel