Recycled Works

Cassette & VCR Tape ArtWorks

“Glendinni’s Dress”, Spring 2023, an outfit made of VCR tape which Cara Judea Alhadeff PhD has used in her work ( 
Awakening to the concept of FiberShed while being introduced to others in the regional organization and it’s vernacular I have become educated. It has enhanced my understanding of natural, sustainable practices regarding fiber.  I am now more conscious of consumption and the variety of materials used in the fashion industry.  Some are easier on the earth than others. As a member of the Western Slope FiberShed  I continue to explore tapestry weaving, VCR & cassette tape creations while learning new skills in the processing of raw wool and natural dye techniques. 
Blue Fingernails photo by
Photo: "Blue Fingernails" © 2023 Kent Tompkins
"Glenda's Dress". Recycled VCR Tape Artworks. ©2023 Ellza Coyle, Studio Black Rose.
"Glendinni's Dress" ©2023 Ellza Coyle
Finding myself exploring the possibilities of using cassette tapes woven on a loom to create a fabric of sorts, “Rest in Peace Celia” and “Joseph’s Dresses” were born. Which later led into a collaborative event, with the Western Slope FiberShed group of Colorado. A runway walk in the Spring 2023 Carbondale Arts Fashion Show, Carbondale, CO.
Studio Black Rose models have outfits made from the fabric of woven cassette tapes while all the other models are draped in natural hand-crafted fibers.

Video: ©2023 Ellza Coyle, Studio Black Rose.

Video: ©2023 Skylar Taylor.

Models wearing cassette tape outfits created by Ellza Coyle .
Woven VCR tape and Ellza Coyle models VCR tape hat.

Repurposed Fiber Throw Rugs

As I empty a neighbor’s fridge and come across countless plastic containers, my heart sinks. As an artist I have found a way to give renewed use to some materials made from plastics. I started out using polar fleece remnants to create throw rugs. 
Each Repurposed Throw Rug is one of a kind and is made to be used for gifts, donations and raising awareness about fiber and the impact across the globe. 

Approximately 22″ W x 30″ H.

"Repurposed Fiber Throw Rugs". Approximately 22" W x 30" H. ©Ellza Coyle.