Stone Sculpture

Stone carving began as a whimsical impulse to participate in a week-long intensive with a group of Zimbabwean sculptors in 2002. Coached by Amos Supuni, Ellza’s sculptures began to evolve into a process of gestation and incubation, allowing her to bring forth the form desired by the stone itself.  Some summers she attends an annual stone carving symposium held in Marble, Colorado which continues to support her efforts under the guidance of Madeline Weiner. 

In The Works

Currently Ellza is working on a large piece of marble gifted to her. It started out as 10′ tall x 30″ wide x 18″ deep at it’s largest end (the top). The endeavor has challenged her beyond her history with stone carving. She has enjoyed working out the design particulars in the making of clay maquettes to help her solidify the vision. Enjoy watching Ellza’s art in the making in the video below!
10' Tall Large Marble Sculpture. The Beginnings of the Work.
"Lea's Wings". Marble. Shown below in the works at Studio Black Rose, Summer 2023.
"Al's Gal". Marble. In the works at MARBLE / marble Symposium, Summer 2023.

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